Our Team

We are run entirely the team of dedicated volunteers.

Rabindra Maharjan Chairperson

Mr Maharjan is a founder chairperson of SEI Nepal. With more than fifteen years of work experiences in social service he has been leading the organization smoothly since its establishment. He is very active in networking and promoting the work of SEI Nepal with various donors and agencies for fund raising. He is also the CEO of Experience Outdoors Pvt. Ltd., a nationally and internationally recognized travel company.

Mabindra Regmi Vice-Chairperson

Mr. Regmi is a founder member of SEI Nepal and is head trainer of English Language Teaching. He has specialized in English Language and teaching methodologies and been involved in the field of education for more than a decade and a half. Currently he is a vice-chairperson of SEI Nepal. He works as a coordinator of Graded English Medium School (GEMS) for A level.

Bijaya Babu Shiwakoti Treasurer

Mr Shiwakoti is a founder treasurer of the organization. He has been in the field of social work for more than fifteen years in various rural parts of Nepal. He is very active in fund raising and promoting the organization worldwide.

Anju Dahal Tripathi Member

Mrs Dahal is a board member cum versatile teacher trainer of ELT. She has completed her post graduate diploma in Education from Kathmandu University and Master’s degree in English from Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus. She has been involved in teaching for 13 years.

Tapi Basnet Member

Mrs Basnet, one of the newest board members, is a teacher trainer for ELT. She has undertaken a training on Early Childhood Development from ECEC and currently pursuing Master’s degree on Child Psychology. She has been teaching English language and literature for more than a decade.

Bed Prasad Mainali Member

Mr Mainali is a new board member of SEI Nepal. He has been working as an Assistant Program Officer in Nepal Bar Association. He has good knowledge on child’s psychology, education policy and legal rights. He had worked as Office Secretary in Child NGO Federation Nepal for more than six years.

Rachana Maharjan Executive Director

Mrs Maharjan is the member secretary of SEI Nepal. She has been leading the administration of the organization as an Executive Director. She delivers the work of project planning, managing and implementing. She has mastered in Rural Development and is in this field for more than 12 years.

Jagdish Bhattarai Founder Member

Mr Bhattarai is a founder member of SEI Nepal. He advises and supports us in planning, analysis, budgeting and auditing. He has completed Chartered Accountant and is in the field of finance and business for more than 15 years.

Sita Devi Neupane Project Coordinator

Mrs Neupane is a Project Coordinator to SEI Nepal. She coordinates the work of organization with the government agencies, authorities and other stakeholders. She has been in the field of development for more than 14 years with completion of Master’s degree in Education Planning and Management.

Yam Bahadur Katuwal Field Coordinator

Mr Katuwal is Field Coordinator of SEI Nepal. He communicates and coordinates administration with government and local entities, schools and other stakeholders. He has been in the field of education and development since 2008 and has completed Master’s degree in English.