Baleshwori Higher Secondary School

Baleshwori Higher Secondary School, established in 1960, is located in Bhardeu VDC in Lalitpur district. It is 35 km away from Kathmandu. It runs classes from nursery to grade eight. Today, it has altogether 320 students with 14 academic and non-academic staff members.

Prior to the earthquake, the school had three toilets: boy’s, girl’s and a staff’s toilet. Out of those, girl’s toilet was damaged by the earthquake. As the school needed the toilet immediately, it requested us to help us make the toilet.

We have supported the school to construct toilet to help the school children (girls) have hassle-free environment in the toilet. We had signed a MoU with the school on February 28, 2016 to construct a girl’s toilet. The project was completed on August 26, 2016 with financial support of Global Giving (Santi School Project).

Supported Fund                    : NRS. 5,56,756/-