Kutidanda Higher Secondary School

Kutidanda Higher Secondary School, established in 1948, is located in Makahibari, Bhimeshwor Municipality in Dolakha district. It is 130 km away from Kathmandu. It runs classes from nursery to grade 12. Today, it has altogether 579 students with 28 academic and non-academic staff members.

Prior to the earthquake, the school had a total of 17 classrooms and all of them were damaged totally by the earthquake. As the school needed at least 10 rooms to conduct its regular operations, it requested us to help us make two rooms operational. So we have helped them to construct two rooms.

We have supported the school to add two rooms to help the school conduct classes there. We had signed a MoU with the school on February 28, 2016 to reconstruct/renovate construction of two rooms of the school building. The project was expected to be completed by the end of July of 2016 with the financial support of Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH), USA.

Supported Fund : NRS. 902,143
School’s Contribution: NRS. 251,600
Total Fund : NRS. 1,153,743